taki — A Deal with Indonesian Local Tourism

Before I read the news said that estimated there is an opportunity income from the local tourism up to trillion of rupiah. Hitherto the money goes away to another country such as Singapore, Hong Kong, or Japan. This phenomenon makes me thinking about what is going on? What is the problem?

Then I realize the problem of our local tourism is about

Horrible Infrastructure

On the other hand, in the destination supporting infrastructure is substantial to have a good condition like a clean toilet, comfortable prayer room, great-road, etc. It can make the visitor comfortable and have a good memory of the place. So, they will recommend the location to their friends and family.

Bad Management

When the management is terrible, the tourism area can not catch the visitor because the place is not attractive with rough facility maintenance. They will get a bad memory about the area and give a low rate quality destination also never recommend that place to their friends. That is not good for the tourist destination’s reputation.

Unfair Prices

Furthermore, you get charged for what is supposed to be free such as nature tourism. The locals who charge the location do not maintain the place properly. They collect the visitor money without any handling with it. I will make the tourist upset because of the price unworth for the quality. The different price for the ticket is also problematic. Local and international ones have different prices. I know the international cost suited with their power but I think being the cheapest destination (adjust to local living standard) with the proper facility will attract local tourism on a global scale that can increase the visitor.

With this problem, I have some suggestions for the local tourism

No Rubbish

Create Iconic Place

Proper Package

Last, I think our local tourism can be the most favorite destination either for local and global scale if the people have reform themself with support of the government.

taki merupakan tulisan yang berasal dari opini, perasaan, dan pengalaman gua terhadap suatu hal. versi belajar bahasa inggris



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