taka — Economy First

All activity that we do is refer to economic activity, either directly or indirectly. It’s also happens on a country scale. To create prosperous nation, the fundamental thing is to have good economic activity. That is what happened in Singapore. Before, I read a book called From Third World to First wrote by Singaporean Founding Fathers, Lee Kuan Yew.

Economic activity can distribute money to the people. In a market, people do buy and sell things with their money. But the problem is if people don’t have any money how circular economic activity can work.

People earn money from their work. That’s clear if there are no job offers available so there’s no money can exist. That’s why the unemployment rate is very urgent to reduce by the government as soon as possible.

We can see people worry about being unemployed. The Omnibus law regulation can a good case study about this anxiety. Some (even many) of the demonstrators fear that they can easily get fire by their workplace refer to the new regulation. I thought their worry doesn’t make sense because the government doesn’t fool to let the unemployment rate go up. Furthermore, there’s a new achievement for the government to have one number rate of that. Of course, that’s very irrational if the government wants to throw away that achievement.

For the declining unemployment rate, there’s some essential strategy that the government can do for providing job offers

Attract the tourist

Easy to invest

The unemployment rate is declining significantly when many people have money, they become wealthier. The unproductive demonstration can decline because the people can fulfill their primary need that is food need.

They should well-informed about strategy for money management. Also, the government should control the high consumption of society by balancing spending with saving or investing. So, people will satisfy with their household income.

With the distribution of money in society, economic activity can work. The nation will be wealthy in one generation. Then the government can focus on other problems such as education or infrastructure.

taka merupakan tulisan yang berasal dari opini, logika, ingatan, dan pengalaman gua terhadap suatu hal. versi belajar bahasa inggris.



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