taka — Economy First

Attract the tourist

Tourism can offer jobs for the laundry, restaurant, hotel, souvenir seller. Also, the preparation for tourism relatively cheaper and easier than other things. The preparation is about infrastructure and management things. The city should have at least one attractive place like create a single large monument in the middle of the park or an iconic building such as the Merlion, Eiffel Tower, or Pisa. Moreover, the best way for tourism promotion is with good entertainment. The entertainment can follow Korean Drama or Japanese Animation concept to increase visitors from people around the world to travel to those countries.

Easy to invest

The government must give certainty to the investors about state security proven with the low crime rate. The regulation should make it easier for investors to invest less than 3 hours to get a license with a one-window service. The investment category is prioritized with the manufacturing industry because it gives lots of job offers. The last is creating trust between government and investors with a commitment to clean government.



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